The Story of Your Dog: A Straightforward Guide to a Complicated Animal

In The Story of Your Dog, renowned dog trainer Brandon McMillan explores the 15,000-year evolutionary history influencing dogs' behaviors. He explains that dogs' instincts, such as herding and chasing, are often incompatible with the modern world, leading to common behavioral issues. McMillan emphasizes that these behaviors are deeply rooted in dogs' DNA, affecting everything from their physical traits to psychological profiles. The book aims to help owners understand these genetic influences, making training easier and fostering a stronger bond with their dogs.

Meet Brandon

Brandon McMillan is a world-renowned animal trainer, 3x Emmy winning television host and bestselling author. His hit CBS series “Lucky Dog” and his “Masterclass” instructional are two of the highest rated dog training/rescue series in the history of television and streaming. Brandon and our founder Taylor recently rescued a Husky named Alaska from the desert in Apple Valley, CA.

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