Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days

In "Lucky Dog Lessons," celebrity dog trainer and Emmy-winning star Brandon McMillan shares his system to transform any dog into a model companion in just seven days. McMillan rescues untrained, unwanted shelter dogs on his show "Lucky Dog," teaching them trust and the 7 common commands to overcome behavior problems. His book provides step-by-step instructions, illustrative examples, and tips for training, along with solutions for common canine issues. Through inspiring stories and behind-the-scenes insights, McMillan demonstrates his belief that no dog is beyond saving, offering methods to create a happy pet family.

Meet Brandon

Brandon McMillan is a world-renowned animal trainer, 3x Emmy winning television host and bestselling author. His hit CBS series “Lucky Dog” and his “Masterclass” instructional are two of the highest rated dog training/rescue series in the history of television and streaming. Brandon and our founder Taylor recently rescued a Husky named Alaska from the desert in Apple Valley, CA.

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