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Being a pet parent is fun and rewarding, but it can also be super overwhelming. Who has the time to scour the internet for the best tips, products, and services? Well, we do. And now we’re sharing it all with you. After being a dog mom for over a decade, Taylor has joined forces with the best, most innovative brands in the pet space to create Tate & Taylor. We’re your one stop shop for guides, shopping, and expert advice. 

After browsing our site, we hope you’ll stick around to hang out. One of the best parts of being a pet parent is sharing it with people who get it. You know the people who love the smell of paws and all the weird things dogs’ ears do. Listen, we want to see pics of your pet. Like right now. We’ll wait.

Tate Hill (2014-2023)

Tate Hill co-founded Tate & Taylor with his mom, Taylor. He was known for donning debonair bow ties, sitting like a good boy, and his signature snaggletooth. When not traipsing around New York City, hiking in Colorado, or playing with his BFF, Mason, Tate could be found hunkering down on the couch with some sweet potatoes (his favorite). Sadly, Tate passed away from lymphoma in 2023, but his spirit lives on through Tate & Taylor. After all, Tate would want every pet to have a life as rich and fulfilling as his. 

Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill is a supermodel, content creator, actor, and philanthropist. Discovered at the age of 14, Taylor has worked with fashion houses and luxury brands around the world and graced the covers of many fashion magazines, including Vogue. Taylor’s life was forever changed when she adopted her late labradoodle, Tate. Since then, she has discovered her passion for dogs, pet content, and charitable organizations working with animals. Taylor is now the proud mom of Salem, a German Shepherd adopted through Animal Aid USA’s rescue program in Georgia.

The Pack

We're pet people. And we can’t wait to meet your little buddy. We love every cowlick, snaggletooth and Frito paw. Can you relate? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Animal Advocacy

At Tate & Taylor, we are proud to support charitable organizations that make a positive impact for animals. Through our philanthropic efforts, we contribute to causes that align with our values and mission. Whether it's aiding in monthly animal rescue and relocation caravans, donating to families who cannot afford cancer treatments for their pets, or amplifying important animal causes, we believe in giving back and making a difference. Together with our team and partners, we strive to create a brighter, more compassionate future for animals.

Click here to learn more about the causes we proudly support and join us in our commitment to building a better world.

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