Meat Lovers’ Treat Bundle

Meat Treat Bundle

Fulfilled by our friends at Winnie Lou - The Canine Company

Leave it to our friends at Winnie Lou to make this wildly delicious and nutrient dense buddle of jerkies and bites. We love ‘em because they’re all made from humanely sourced, grass fed proteins without any fillers like preservatives or added sugar. Our dogs love them because, well, they love meat – over ½ a pound of meat goes into each bag of jerky!

Meet Winnie Lou

In 2016, upon discovering the unhealthy fillers and common allergens like beef and chicken in commercial dog treats, founders Ashlin Cook and Dean Frankel were inspired to create Winnie Lou. The vibrant Colorado brand which started out as a dog food truck is dedicated to giving our dogs long, healthy lives with clean nutrition using locally-sourced novel proteins such as elk, bison, and wild boar, without any fillers. And of course all Winnie Lou treats are taste-tested by their furry founders Winston and Louis.

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