Floof Grooming Kit

The Complete Care Collection

Fulfilled by our friends at Floof

We have your dog’s beauty routine covered with the full range of veterinary dermatologist crafted products from our friends at Floof. Included is the Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner Duo, 2 Smart Skin Sprays, 3 sets of the Renewing Wipes (perfect for freshening up), the Double-Sided Daily Brush and a Floof Crossbody Tote for storage or on the go. 

Meet Floof

Frustrated with the ineffective treatments for his dog Leo's allergies and the low-quality ingredients in dog grooming products, Los Angeles native Michael Kim founded Floof. Determined to create a solution, he introduced a transparent, science-driven skincare line for dogs, emphasizing quality ingredients typical of human-grade products.

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