Smart Skin Spray

Fulfilled by Floof

A vet dermatologist-backed solution formulated to address and heal common skin issues. This hypoallergenic formula offers immediate soothing relief for paw licking, itching, hot spots, irritation, infections, and more, with the power of Hypochlorous Acid. Safe for all breeds and skin types.

  • Effective against: paw licking, itching, hot spots, rashes, yeast infections, dog acne, wounds, bug bites, and inflammation
  • Safe to use across the body including near the face, ears, and sensitive areas
  • pH Balanced to your dog's skin at 6.5-7.5
Choose a Size: 3 Pack [FREE SHIPPING]

Meet Floof

Frustrated with the ineffective treatments for his dog Leo's allergies and the low-quality ingredients in dog grooming products, Los Angeles native Michael Kim founded Floof. Determined to create a solution, he introduced a transparent, science-driven skincare line for dogs, emphasizing quality ingredients typical of human-grade products.

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