Dog Paw Cleaner

Clean Paws No-Rinse Foaming Cleanser

It’s no secret that your dog’s paws can get pretty gross. No shame, our feet would be gross too if we didn’t wear shoes. That’s why we love this No Rinse Foaming Paw Cleanser from our friends at Dandylion. The soft silicone bristles give a deep, yet gentle clean without stripping your dog’s paws of their natural oils. Made from plant-based ingredients, such as aloe juice, pomegranate juice, broccoli seed oil and grape seed oil, providing soothing, nourishing, and antimicrobial benefits to irritated, itchy or dry paws. It’s a win for your pup’s paws and a win for your carpets.

Meet Dandylion

Carolyn Chen founded Dandylion after her 10-year-old cockapoo, Mocha, suffered from skin irritations. With years of experience launching human clean beauty brands, Carolyn was surprised to learn the dog care industry is highly unregulated with no product testing standards, lack of ingredient transparency, and misleading ingredient lists. This inspired Dandylion’s mission to change the dog care industry by creating products that put our dogs’ health first and building a brand that dog parents can resonate with.

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