Ultimate Cheese Chew Bundle

Berries 'n Pumpkin Cheese Bundle

Fulfilled by our friends at YAK9.

Our friends at Yak9 Chews make some incredible snacks. At least that’s what our pups tell us. We’ve never tried them for ourselves, so we’ll have to take their word for the taste.  What we love about them is that they’re wholesome, limited ingredient chews made with all natural ingredients from USDA certified organic farms. Yummy!

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Meet Yak9 Chews

Yak9 Chews is an all-natural pet-loving company that manufactures delicious flavored yak chews for dogs made with healthy ingredients. Founded in 2015 by husband-and-wife Pukar Pyakurel and Shristi Mishra, their human-grade yak chews are sourced from the Himalayan regions, straight from their yaks to the K9s. Today, the company is recognized as the industry leader for innovating in the yak chew space by introducing nine nutritional flavored yak chews for the first time in the market.

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