Tate & Taylor is proud to partner with the below organizations dedicated to animal advocacy.

Animal Advocacy

Established in 2012 as a 501c3, Animal Aid USA is comprised of 100% volunteers. Each month, volunteers relocate animals from kill-shelters to loving homes via its large network of rescue groups and volunteers. Through their rescue and relocation model, animals about to be euthanized are saved. Taylor Hill is an ambassador for Animal Aid USA and adopted her German Shepherd, Salem through the organization’s rescue program in Georgia. Most recently, on February 10, 2024 amidst NY Fashion Week, Taylor and Salem joined forces with Animal Aid USA, Mama’s-gona-Rescue, and Woof Love Rescue for a heartwarming Valentine’s Day adoption event in NYC. 16 diverse, adoptable dogs were showcased to prospective families at the event, spotlighting the importance of rescue and adoption. The event also featured dogs and cats not present but eagerly waiting for their forever homes.

Schwarzman Animal Medical Center USA

The Schwarzman Animal Medical Center (AMC) is the world’s largest non-profit animal hospital with 130+ veterinarians providing the highest quality medical care across more than 20 specialties and services. Located in New York City, their pioneering clinical research advances veterinary knowledge, and their education programs train the next generation of veterinary leaders and provide pet owners with quality pet health information. Abiding by this mission and their commitment to serve the community, AMC has established financial assistance programs for eligible pet owners who cannot afford veterinary care and animal-related charities and rescue organizations.

AMC holds a special place in Taylor’s heart as they provided medical care to her late dog Tate when he battled lymphoma. Despite the difficult situation, AMC’s doctors and medical staff were amazing and provided Tate with the best treatment and Taylor with knowledge and support. Through this experience, Taylor learned about AMC’s The Buddy Fund which was established in 2006 to provide free or subsidized care for the treatment of cancer and cancer-related conditions in animals, keeping pets healthy and with their families throughout these difficult events.

In honor of Tate, we proudly donates a portion of our Tate & Taylor cancer awareness merchandise to AMC’s The Buddy Fund to support families whose pets are suffering from cancer and cancer-related conditions.

Sharing is Caring

Share your favorite animal causes with us, we’d love to learn about and support them!

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