If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts — like their hair spray and electric toothbrush. We asked model Taylor Hill, who recently launched her pet brand, Tate & Taylor, about the “magical” moisturizer, Stanley-cup dupe, and book series she can’t live without.

Avène Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream $42

This is my favorite moisturizer. I found out about it from a makeup artist on set about five years ago. I was working with them for three days straight, and they put a little bit of this on my face every single day. Usually, I start to break out or get dry by the third day because someone’s using products on me that I’m not used to. By the end of the third day, I was like, “What is that magical stuff?” They even noticed. They were like, “Wow, your skin is looking good. I think your face really likes this product.” I’ve been using it ever since. It seems thick when it first comes out of the container. Once you start massaging it in, it absorbs really quickly and thins out. The thickness is because it has zinc in it. It’s a skin-barrier repair cream. It’s great if you’re dealing with acne and healing scars, sun damage, or you overused a toner. I use it nightly, because I feel like it restores my skin best then. When I wake up in the morning, I literally feel like my skin is saying, “Hello, good morning!”

Rhode Peptide Lip Tint - Espresso $16

I am obsessed with this. I’m a big texture person. How a lip product feels when you initially apply it is important. This one’s creamy and has more of a buttery consistency. I love that it’s not sticky, but it’s still shiny and gives that glossy effect. The tint is perfect because I don’t have to carry around a lip liner and three lip products in my bag. Maybe in the morning I’ll use a lip liner with this on top, but throughout the day this is all I need for touch-ups. I specifically like it in espresso, which I’m currently wearing. I love warmer nudes and deeper colors for my skin tone. I’ve tried other lip products in this color range, but this one is the best. Even if I put on a little bit, there’s still quite a bit of pigment, but it’s not so much that I can only lightly dab it on. I can put a really thick layer on too and it still looks good.

‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ Paperback Boxed Set $55

For the longest time, friends were telling me to read this series. I read a lot of books, and it took me a while to get to this because I kept saying I’d start it after this book, and then I’d pick up another one. Then, before my honeymoon, I realized I needed to bring more than one book because we’d be gone for three weeks. I ended up bringing this series, and it took over my entire life. I read all five books before I was even back. They’re kind of big books, so they seem a little intimidating. But it’s a great story. It sucks you right in. If I could go back and reread them again for the first time, that would make me so happy. Anyone who’s looking for a book and wants to get into a series should read this one. It’ll change your life.

Béis The Commuter Backpack $98

I love Béis, especially for travel. I think they do it really well because the founder, Shay Mitchell, travels like a crazy person, like me! The backpack is great. There are all these amazing compartments, and it’s so well-thought-out. I could give you a whole little tour. I have mine right here. In the front pockets, I have my headphones, deodorant, lip gloss, and glasses. In the bigger main compartment, I have my notebook and a big book. It fits a lot. And then there’s the back zip, which is where I put my laptop and iPad. It makes it easy going through TSA, too, because it’s all compartmentalized.

Simple Modern 40 oz Tumbler $40

Everybody has the Stanley cup, but that thing is $65 or something. That’s crazy. And then I hear that it leaks. Apparently, people drive with it in their cup holder, they go over a bump, and then water gets everywhere. No, no, it can’t be doing that. So, I found this Simple Modern one. It’s a similar makeup to the Stanley cup, and it was $30. If you knock it over, water will come out because it has a straw. It’s not completely leak resistant. But I think it’s better because there’s a silicone thing around where the straw goes, so it hugs the straw better. I really like it, and I bring it with me everywhere. I walk around my house with it, and it does help me drink water. As Tinx says, it’s my “emotional support water bottle.”

Bala Bands $35

These are great, and you can get them from anywhere. I have a couple different types from different brands. I just throw them in my bag. They don’t add any extra weight to my suitcase, but they can add so much to a training session. Normally, I use them for legs. I put them either around my ankles or my knees and do glute bridges, squats, or walking movements. That really helps work the muscle. It’s like a sneaky way to add weight to a workout without adding weights. It makes it more difficult and challenging for the muscle to pull instead of lifting something heavy.

Wonderful Pistachios No Shells Sea Salt & Vinegar Pistachios $10

I love anything with salt and vinegar or pickles. I’m a salty person. I saw these already cracked pistachios at the airport in the salt and vinegar flavor, and I was like, Oh, there we go. That’s for me. It’s a healthier snack that you can take on the go. It just hits that salty craving for me.

Nekohama Matcha $60

A friend of mine, Sanne, makes this. She’s a Dutch model. She is amazing and has a fitness company. I’m always asking her for recipes and health advice. She started this matcha company, and it is incredible. It’s great quality. On the pack, it tells you exactly how to make it, like that you have to boil your water to only 70 degrees so it doesn’t burn the tea leaf. The best matcha latte I’ve ever had is when I make it with her matcha at home. It’s much less bitter than when I’ve gotten it at a coffee shop. If I need something, either first thing in the morning, after lunch, or an afternoon pick-me-up, that’s my go-to with a little almond milk.

Khaite x Oliver Peoples Black Cat Eyes $525

I love Khaite. I love everything it does. It’s an amazing brand. I saw that it did a collab with Oliver Peoples, and I liked that these frames are smaller. I have a small head, and the distance between my eyebrows and nose is quite small. Big frames go over my entire head and I look like a fly. I really love these cat-eye ones because it’s a small frame and you can still see my eyebrows when I wear them. I’m very specific on where eyewear sits on my face, and this just works for me.

The Mayfair Group Angels All Around You Crewneck $125 and Sweatpants $98

I travel so much, so I like wearing comfortable things to the airport. I do still like looking put-together, though. This brand does a great job of making things that look really cute but are still a sweatshirt and sweatpants. The matching set feels more like an outfit. It’s like I’m wearing pajamas but I look more put-together than just being in my pajamas.

West & Willow Pet Portrait $90

I’m really grateful that I have this in my house to remind me of my dog, Tate. I have all these little mementos throughout my home. This portrait’s very special, and people come over and are always like, “Oh, Tate. We love him. We miss him.” It’s also a really good gift for someone who has a pet or maybe recently lost a pet. It’s quite meaningful and can make your home feel more personalized.

Clean Paws No-Rinse Foaming Cleanser $20

This is hands down one of my favorite products as a dog mom in New York City. I use it on a daily basis. When I bring my dog on walks, we’ve been caught in the rain, stepped in a puddle, stepped in God knows what. I have this sitting by my front door. It’s a no-rinse foaming cleanser. It has a little scrubber on the end and you just pump it. It’s almost the consistency and texture of a foaming face wash. It comes out of this little scrubby, and you just take their paws and pump it and rub it on them. Then, you take a towel or a wipe, and you wipe the rest of the residue off. It’s an antimicrobial treatment, so it’s like a hand sanitizer in a way.


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