Wobbowl Lick & Slow Feeder Bowl

Wobbowl baby, wobbowl baby, wobbowl baby, wobbowl. This food-grade silicone lick mat and slow feeder is even more entertaining than a wedding line dance. It’ll keep your pup engaged to fight anxiety and boredom. It’s freezer and dishwasher safe, making it the ideal challenge toy for dogs of all sizes and ages. 

    Fulfilled by Awoo

    Choose a Color: ALMOND

    Meet Awoo

    Awoo was founded in 2018 in lower Manhattan by Mallory and Francine, who bonded over their black rescue pups and the lack of stylish, eco-friendly pet products. Determined to modernize pet accessories, they used their design and manufacturing expertise to create a brand focused on sustainability, function, and style, aiming to bring joy to pets and their owners while contributing to a greener world.
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