Signature Harness

Strap in and buckle up; your dog walks are about to transition from the pedestrian to the extraordinary. Meet the Signature Harness, the customizable solution designed to fit your dog’s distinct physique—no more one-size-fits-all. 

With adjustable non-restrictive straps and 4 buckles that completely detach from the body of the harness, you can choose how to strap-in your pet. Go from head-first to around the belly, through the legs, or over the back. Three leash connection points allow you to direct your pet, or let them guide you. The  Signature Harness uses shock-absorbing tech, to make walks smoother for the strongest of pullers.

Look as good as you feel with foam padding and a breathable material that can last through all-day wear.

Fulfilled by Fable

Choose a Size: XS

Meet Fable

Fable is a family-run company that was founded by Sophie and Jeremy, siblings and NYC dog park regulars. They design gear that solves problems for you and your pet, so the two of you can enjoy exploring the world together.
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