When thinking about strong female entrepreneurs shaking up the pet space, Rachel Jones of Trill Paws immediately comes to mind. We had the opportunity to speak with Rachel about entrepreneurship and of course, how being a dog mom has impacted her career. 

Tate & Taylor: What inspired you to start Trill Paws?

Rachel Jones: I was at a pivotal moment in my life when I wanted to start an endeavor that would really pull at my heartstrings. I thought long and hard about what truly makes me happy, and I consistently found myself drawn to dogs. Dogs make me happy. After a deep dive into the pet industry, I realized that at the time, the pet tags were sleepy and sort of bland, so I worked to create fun, nostalgic, talking pieces that also double as ID for your fur bestie. That's when Trill Paws was born.

T&T: What are some challenges you faced in early days that you overcame?
RJ: Trying to figure out how to market the tags to a wider audience was a big challenge in the beginning. I was making sales, but not enough to sustain the business long-term. I had to get creative and find ways to get in front of more dog owners, so I dove into influencer marketing as well as partnering with pet boutiques across the country to offer our tags to more customers.

T&T: How has being a dog mom impacted your business and mission?
RJ: As a devoted dog mama, I understand the need to provide only the best for my fur bestie. This sentiment directly shapes my approach to product design. Recognizing that fellow pet parents share this deep connection with their fur babies, I am always mindful to prioritize their needs and preferences.

T&T: What piece of advice do you have for a budding female entrepreneur?
RJ: First things first, just start. Get out of your own way and launch the thing. Once it's launched, just continue to put one foot in front of the other, and and always maintain an optimistic mindset.
T&T: What would you say to a brand new dog mom? 
RJ: Your new fur baby relies on you for everything, and their life is so short compared to ours. So do your best to make their life as colorful and loving as possible. 

T&T: What impact do you hope to have being a female entrepreneur in the pet space? 
RJ: That if I can do it, you can most certainly do it too! 
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