Calming Wellness Pops

The Starter Pack

The perfect set for long-lasting distraction! Includes The Pupsicle, DIY Treat Tray & a bag of ready-made Pupsicle Pops. Treat your dog to safer, healthier dog play, and treat yourself to a very happy dog.

Choose a Size: Large
Choose a Color: Forest Green
Choose a Pops Flavor: Calming (Beef)
Man holding puppy

Meet Woof

The story of Woof all started with founder, Daniel Haarburger, and his love for his one-year-old dog Milo. Poor Milo was diagnosed with Luxating Patella and had to go in for surgery as a puppy. After his surgery, Milo was unable to walk and Daniel was inspired to create the Pupsicle to keep his dog entertained and engaged. Today, Woof is on a mission to redefine pet care by providing solutions that nourish every aspect of a dog's mind and body.

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