Infinity Leash

You will not be able to find a more versatile leash. Don’t believe us? Here are all the configurations you can fashion with this superstar leash from our friends at Awoo:

  • long leash

  • short leash

  • double leash

  • collar / leash combo

  • training collar

  • semi-slip collar

  • long tether

  • short tether

  • hands-free cross-body

  • hands-free waist leash

Perfect for all sizes of dogs (and humans!), it really is the one leash to rule them all.


Fulfilled by Awoo

Choose a Color: MAUVE

Meet Awoo

Awoo was founded in 2018 in lower Manhattan by Mallory and Francine, who bonded over their black rescue pups and the lack of stylish, eco-friendly pet products. Determined to modernize pet accessories, they used their design and manufacturing expertise to create a brand focused on sustainability, function, and style, aiming to bring joy to pets and their owners while contributing to a greener world.
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